— LS? —

Once I get off work and sleep, I’ll probably be awake well into the night. I was thinking, maybe I can work on some pokemon adopts and chat a while. I haven’t LSed in a while. Would anyone be interested in watching a pokemon LS tomorrow night (Maybe around 7 EST)?

I haven’t tried Pictaro and Joinme is rather quiet. 

1 Jul 08th #I might draw some adopts #I might draw some Murk #I might draw random things #Will try to hae the mike on for talking #or we can just listen to music together
— Out Of Curiosity —

Would people even be interested in pokemon adoptables? Not fakemon, but pokemon characters. Just curious. Would that be something that would interest you?

7 Jul 05th

Just going to do some harmless self-promoting here too. I’m selling some adopts to save up for a class I need in the fall: HERE

10 Jul 05th

Just a Murk scene I had to get out of my system. He doesn’t get along well with ghost types for certain conflicting beliefs. 

3 Jul 05th #Sketch #Murk #Personal Story





i wanna do some little warmups before i start some more commissions!!

I’d like to do this as a warm-up! Please try to choose characters something I know though! (Flora, Nintendo, Gainax, Ghibli, etcccc)

I need to do this, Please send me some, Preferrably pokemon, because gosh these look so fun and I need to do some fun arts right now now. ;A;


I want to do this too.

Pokemon + pallet number.

124744 Jun 15th

Going to finally fix that dang PMDU app. Luckily I can just use one of the pictures I just did for it. Wootness. 

Corvax will bet he only one needing new art. Easy enough. 

1 Jun 14th
— Add me on Skype —

I’d love to meet more of you and share our teams and chat. I am also an avid rper. I’m also hoping to work on my PMDU tasks soon, too.

My name is: moon_kitsune
(Icon is a imagine of cute, cartoon worms)

8 Jun 14th

Do people chat with either other via messages, skype, or other places? 

For those of you who interact with others, how did you start? How are you contacting each other now?

I’m just curious. I have skype, but I’m wondering if there are easier ways to meet and chat with others in the Mon community. 

8 Jun 14th #Skype #Lets Talk Mons #Rp maybe? #I need friends

*Rubs eyes* That shows me for using bright colors on dark backgrounds.

Been looking at Dark Pulse and realized it’s a rather ugly move. I think I might switch it for Thief instead and do that and Substitute as the last two moves.

Jun 14th

Yeahh….my guy is a little nuts.

Murk’s move #2: Perish Song

9 Jun 14th #Murk #Murkrow #Perish Song #Pokemon #Super Effective

Sanngot suggested I draw Murk’s fighting style. 

Murk’s move #1: Air Cutter

22 Jun 13th #Murk #Murkrow #Air Cutter #Pokemon #Super Effective
— Rain Rain —

Stormy all day. I guess I’ll work on some scenes or something. :I 

1 Jun 13th #Beats napping all day #Why does it rain on my days off?
— Thanks guys!! —

Yeah it was too long. I broke it up. Should be easier to read now. /lessons learned

1 Jun 13th
— Ugh. Sizing problems? —

Anyone know how to make a comic strip that is long to look normal on tumblr? It’s super tiny for some reason. I thought putting it at 500px across would work. :C

3 Jun 12th #Delete later

A little comic to get back into the groove. 

49 Jun 12th #furgemancs #Hannie #Murk #Pokemon #PMDU #Comic